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Beautiful Thanksgiving flowers

November 23 is Thanksgiving. More and more people around the world are celebrating this all-American festivity, including in Switzerland. Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving with family around a bountiful table, or just want to take the opportunity to express your gratitude to friends, colleagues and loved ones, you can give your creativity free reign when it comes to decoration.

However you choose to decorate, the one thing that cannot be missing is the right Thanksgiving flower arrangement. We have compiled our most beautiful Thanksgiving flowers in stunning fall colors for you.

Our Autumn bouquets
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Decorating for Thanksgiving

Nowadays, Thanksgiving is celebrated around the world, and not just by US citizens living abroad. People of all nationalities go to parties and restaurants to enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving feast. Autumnal decorations are a big part of any Thanksgiving celebration, with all kinds of ideas for enjoying this beautiful time of year.

Of course, no true Thanksgiving feast is complete without turkey, cranberry sauce, cornbread and yams on the table. Thanksgiving decorations in earth tones are the perfect way to complement these items, both on the table and throughout the home. For inspiration, look no further than nature. There is no more enjoyable family activity than going out and collecting chestnuts, pine cones, twigs, red berries, acorns and colorful fall leaves to decorate the table. Special decorations shaped like turkeys or hedgehogs are also great additions. But the centerpiece of any table decoration has to be a Thanksgiving flower arrangement.

Thanksgiving bouquets in autumnal colors

The best flowers for a Thanksgiving floral centerpiece are those that reflect the colors of fall and complement the foods on the table, like the brown of the turkey, the yellow of the cornbread, red cranberry and orange pumpkins. That is why yellow and orange roses, Chinese lantern plants, rosehips, lilies and hydrangeas are especially popular.

But the beauty of fall has so many more colors to offer. Between August and October, the possible colors and combinations are truly endless.

Hortensie Nahaufnahme
Purple autumn flowers
  • Hydrangeas (other colors: blue, pink, red, white)
  • Autumn crocus
  • Crocuses (other colors: blue, white, orange, yellow)
  • Rhododendrons (other colors: pink, red, white, yellow)
  • Lilyturfs
Chrysantheme Nahaufnahme
Yellow autumn flowers
  • Chrysanthemums (other colors: orange, red, pink, violet, green, white)
  • Marigolds (other colors: orange, red)
  • Heleniums (other colors, orange, red and brown)
Dahlie Nahaufnahme
Red autumn flowers
  • Dahlias (other colors: pink, white, yellow, orange and many more)
  • Asters (other colors: white, pink, purple, blue)
  • Amaranths Stonecrop (other colors: pink, white)
  • Red bistort (other colors: pink)
Protea Nahaufnahme
Pink autumn flowers
  • Sugarbushes
  • Rosehips (other colors: purple, white)
  • Garden cosmos (other colors: white, purple, orange, yellow)
  • Begonias (other colors: red, white)
  • Nerines (other colors: white, red)
  • Autumn cyclamen (other colors: white)
Rose Nahaufnahme
White autumn flowers
  • Blackberry flowers
  • Japanese anemone (other colors: pink, red)
  • October saxifrages (other colors: pink)
Lampionblume Nahaufnahme
Orange autumn flowers
  • Chinese lantern plants (fruit, white blossoms from May to June)
  • Zinnias (other colors: pink, yellow, red, purple, white)
Hortensie Nahaufnahme
Blue autumn flowers
  • Chaste (other colors: pale violet, pink, white)
  • Cornflowers (other colors: pink, white)
  • Passionflowers (other colors: pink, purple, white, red and many more)
  • Wolf’s bane (other colors: yellow, white, pink)
  • Bluebeard (other colors: pink)

When combined into colorful Thanksgiving flower arrangements, these make the perfect decoration for the home, to brighten up gloomy, rainy days and bring a seasonal atmosphere into every room.

Autumn festivals at Thanksgiving time in Switzerland

Thanksgiving is just one of many festivals that cultures around the world celebrate at this time of year. In German-speaking countries like Switzerland, many families and communities celebrate Erntedank (harvest festival). Whereas Thanksgiving in the US focuses on the family, Erntedank is primarily a church festival. People attend church services and special parades to thank God for a good harvest.

Unlike Thanksgiving, which is always on the last Sunday in November, Erntedank has no set date in the calendar. Catholic communities usually celebrate it on the first Sunday in October, for example, while the Protestant church marks Erntedank on September 29, the first Sunday after Michaelmas. There are all kinds of traditions associated with Erntedank throughout the regions of Switzerland, like Sichlete in Bern or Chästeilet, in which alpine farmers mark the end of summer by distributing cheese. Whatever the celebration, why not use the occasion to surprise your Swiss friends or colleagues with a beautiful autumn bouquet?

There is so much more to discover

Whether you are celebrating Thanksgiving in the traditional way or want to send Thanksgiving flowers to American friends, relatives or colleagues in Switzerland , you are sure to find the perfect autumn flower bouquet in our online store. Take a look at our broad range and seasonal specials. We offer Thanksgiving flower delivery in Switzerland.

Voluminöser Herbststrauss in warmen Erdtönen mit Chrysanthemen gehalten von einem Model vor einem hellen Hintergrund im Querformat
For businesses
Decorate your office or reception area in the colors of fall. Business customers get a 5% discount on all orders.
In remembrance
For many people, fall is also a time of reflection, remembering those who have passed away on All Saints Day. We offer special bouquets with which to honor your relatives who are no longer there.

Häufig gestellte Fragen

Any flowers in autumnal colors are perfect for the occasion, such as Chinese lanterns, rosehips, and yellow and orange roses.
Any other traditional Thanksgiving symbols or things that represent the harvest are perfect, such as turkeys, pumpkins, berries, corn, nuts, twigs, leaves and wheat sheaves.
If you are hosting a Thanksgiving dinner and inviting people who may not be familiar with the traditions, giving them advice on what to bring is simple. Anything that is in season at this time of year is perfect: from nuts, chestnuts and apples to freshly baked apple pie or pumpkin muffins, or simply a good bottle of wine. And of course, a Thanksgiving bouquet from our collection.
Thanksgiving is celebrated by Americans and their friends and families around the world, and is becoming increasingly well known.
Erntedank is a church-led celebration in many German-speaking regions that offers thanks for a good harvest. It is usually celebrated with church services, parades and other traditions.